Rubber Flooring

The perils of buying cheap imports: what are the financial and health implications?

Rubber flooring is an ideal floor covering for gyms, creches, offices and retail outlets as it is sound absorbent, slip resistant, shock absorbent and easy to clean.  Selecting the right product is crucial if you want a robust floor covering with a long service life. Avoiding products that emit dangerous levels of toxic fumes and carcinogens is vitally important if you want to ensure that your floor covering does not compromise the health and safety of staff and patrons.

Many of the cheaper rubber flooring products sourced from countries such as China, emit high levels of toxins including aromatic hydrocarbons, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, halocarbons and phenols. Not only do these products generate unpleasant odours, they also off-gas unacceptable levels of VOCs known to have adverse effects on human health. Even when produced in Australia, the use of low quality raw materials will lead to the same outcome. Please contact ABS West to find out more.

Installing low quality products increases the likelihood of rapid wear and tear.  Inferior products often come with a significantly shorter lifespan. Their accelerated demise leads to greater costs associated with frequent repairs, ongoing maintenance and premature replacement.

Ultimately, the most cost-effective approach is to install quality rubber flooring products that benefit from the highest quality manufacturing processes.  Products that are world renowned for their quality include everroll® Rubber Flooring and Regupol® Acoustic Underlays.  These products are manufactured in Germany in accordance with the highest standards (ISO 9001 + ISO 14001 Click here for the Certificate). Strict adherence to these standards delivers a product with longevity, superior performance and low emission levels.

For many years, Regupol® and everroll® products have been installed in countless public and private buildings across the world.  This is largely due to the brand's reputation for quality, safety, endurance and commitment to the environment.

Your initial investment in a quality floor covering, that outperforms and outlasts cheaper alternatives, will ultimately save you money.  You will enjoy a product that functions as intended, remains aesthetically appealing and helps to maintain a clean, healthy environment for all users.

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