New Product: Architectural Stair Nosing - ALN1428


ABS West's new stair nosing profile ALN1428 is cost effective, compliant with NCC standards, simple to install and easy to maintain.  With a starting  price of only $35 / lm, this product represents excellent value. This stair nosing is available in 3m lengths and is installed easily using a strong urethane adhesive. Stair nosing ALN1428 exceeds slip resistance standards set by the National Construction Code (NCC).

ALUMINIUM: the highest grade architectural alloy is used to manufacture the metal used in ALN1428. The anodised finish is a full 12 micron clear finish that provides a robust, durable and attractive finish. The insert is a high performance material that provides a tough, high traction surface.

Maintenance is easy, and helps to preserve the smart appearance and effective non-slip qualities of the stair nosing. Cleaning can be effected with water, degreasers, detergents or low pressure steam.



ALN1428 dimensions



The new stair nosing ALN1428 complies with the National Construction Code (NCC). With regards to stair nosing, the most important factors of the code are as follows:

1  A solid band of colour is required 70-75mm in depth across the tread with a 30% contrast required.

2  The contrasting strip shall be no more than 15mm back from the tread.

3  The turn down at the front face is to be no longer than 10mm.