Golf Facility Flooring



Golf Facility Flooring


Durable Flooring for the Golf Industry Golf-Spike-Shoes-Flooring

Flooring used in the golf industry is subjected to many stresses and damaging traffic including shoes with spikes, caddies, golf clubs and heavy loads. These stresses prove to be too much for standard flooring. A highly durable alternative is the Regupol® range of elastic and resistant floor coverings, specially designed for the golf industry.

Spike Shoes on Flooring

The spike shoes are particularly detrimental to conventional surfaces and will destroy most standard flooring materials.  Conventional concrete surfaces can cause the spikes themselves to wear off.  Consequently, it's essential that the flooring material in a golf facility is cushioning, hard wearing, slip resistant and spike resistant. This applies to both indoor and outdoor conditions.  ABS west can supply products with all of these characteristics.

Elastic-tiles-golf-flooringHigh Load Capacity and Pleasant Walking Sensation 

The high load capacity of Regupol® and everroll floor coverings prevent floors from becoming damaged. The elasticity of the Regupol® golf floor coverings provides a pleasant walking sensation, similar to the feeling of walking on grass. This has the added benefit of helping to prevent golfer fatigue.  


Renowned Worldwide

The Regupol® and everroll products have been deployed in golf facilities around the world and have proven their quality and excellent performance over many years. 



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