Regupol Load Restraint Mats

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Anti-slip mats for heavy goods transportation on:

 Trucks   |    Rail wagons   |    Aeroplanes  |   Ships


Secure - Reliable - Economical

Regupol® anti-slip mats are a reliable and indispensible component for professional load securing systems. For many years, Regupol® rubber matting has been used successfully for all kinds of general cargo.

Their slip resistant effect reduces the forces needed for lashing down the load and, together with the tie-down straps, make sure the load creates a unified unit with the loading surface. The slip inhibiting effect of Regupol® anti-slip mats is especially important for loads that cannot handle high contact pressure. 


regupol-1000-LSE-Anti-slip-mat-350x306Regupol 1000 LSE -  heavy duty anti-slip mat

Made from rubber fibres, Regupol 1000 LSE is suitable for securing heavy loads during road, rail, sea and air transportation. Capable of securing loads of up to 6.30 N/mm2. Ideal for sharp edged cargo, heavy goods and all pallestised loads. Available in 8mm or 12mm thicknesses.

This product is resistant to UV light, sodium chloride, weak acids and alkaline solutions (swells up when exposed to hydrocarbons such as oil, fuel etc.)

Colour: black with green, light green and yellow particles.

Suitable for: pallets, panels, containers, machine parts, paper coils, glass, steel, rod coils etc.




Regupol 9510 RHS - anti-slip matregupol-9510-RHS-Anti-slip-mat-truck-350x306

Made from butyl rubber, this anti-slip mat is capable of securing loads of up to 3.0 N/mm2 during sea, air, road and rail transportation. This mat offers an alternative in situations where it is necessary to avoid the possibility of black discolouration from SRN/NBR based mats. 

This product is resistant to UV light, sodium chloride, weak acids and alkaline solutions (swells up when exposed to hydrocarbons such as oil, fuel etc.)

Colour: multi-coloured

Available in an 8mm thickness 




Rubber Matting & Stripsregupol-Anti-slip-mat-on-truck-350X306

Regupol anti-slip mats and strips reduce the total tension force required when lashing down loads and, together with the lashing belts, they ensure that the loads form a closed unit with the vehicle. The anti-slip effect is particularly beneficial for loads that cannot withstand a high traction force. Regupol anti-slip mats and strips can be applied quickly, because they can be easily rolled out and cut to size as required. They are long-lasting and withstand repeated use.

In economic terms, Regupol® anti-slip mats and strips made from PUR-bonded rubber granulate offer clear advantages compared to other methods of securing loads.

The non-slip mats and strips can be fitted in minimal time because they can be unrolled or placed under the load, saving valuable loading time. They have a longer service life than other materials and can be used repeatedly, reducing the ancillary costs for the material and/or transport. 


Anti-slip mats for load securing of panels, pallets, concrete panels, concrete pipes, concrete steps, machine parts, metal pipes, containers, paper coils, rod coils, steel, glass. 


  • Long lasting and able to withstand repeated use
  • Easy to roll out and cut to size.
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Creates unified unit with the loading surface.
  • Delivery forms: sheets, rolls, cuttings on request. 

The dangers of inadequately secured loads:

Read ABS West's Blog post about the dangers of failing to secure loads adequately during transportation:


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