Everroll Rubber Flooring

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Commercial & Residential Flooring Solutions

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Made in Germany


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Suitable for Many Interiors


Everroll commercial and residential rubber flooring is a robust and environmentally sustainable solution suitable for a broad range of applications.  Everroll rubber flooring is available in 7 distinctive ranges. Each range boasts unique features and characteristics. All 7 ranges contain an array of colours, offering a wide choice of options to suit your commercial or residential interior. If you would like to view samples or require help selecting the correct flooring, please contact us.

everroll-core-cover-image-350hx206wEVERROLL CORE

The everroll Core range brings high eco-preferred content and extreme durability to our everroll collection. Classic by design yet so robust, this rubber flooring is used throughout the commercial, retail and sporting industries.

Available in 4mm, 8mm and 12mm thicknesses, you can choose from rolls, tiles or planks. Everroll Core provides improved impact sound absorption, safety and comfort under foot.





everroll-tone-cover-image-350hx306weverroll Tone

The everroll Tone range offers a point of difference by using all the attributes of everroll Core with the creative combinations of selected post-consumer EPDM rubber colour flecks.  Available in standard 4mm thickness, with other thicknesses available on request, this product offers colour combinations to suit any modern interior.

everroll Tone is available in three different formats: rolls, tiles and planks. Its sound absorbing abilities combined with good slip resistance properties, make this flooring an excellent choice for community facilities.



everroll-vitality-cover-image350hx306wEverroll Vitality

The Vitality Range takes everroll Tone to the next level by offering bolder colour content achieved through the use of higher levels of post-consumer EPDM rubber, whilst still maintaining high levels of eco preferred content.  Available in a standard thickness of 4mm, with other thicknesses available on request, this product balances colour and value. 

Everroll Vitality works extremely well to break up or distinguish areas of your floor; and is available in three formats: rolls, tiles or planks.



everroll-intensity-cover-image350hx306weverroll Intensity

Made from 100% EPDM rubber, everroll Intensity takes the collection into a new realm of colour. Colour combinations have been expertly selected by interior designers to suit current trends in commercial design. Available in 4mm thickness, this product offers a viable alternative to traditional resilient floor coverings.

everroll Intensity offers durability, flexibility and vibrant colour, and continues to be popular choice in commercial, retail and education spaces. Like our other everroll products, everroll Intensity is available in three different formats: rolls, tiles and planks.



everroll-active-cover-image-350hx206weverroll Active 

The everroll Active range introduces a finer EPDM rubber granule size to the everroll collection, whilst maintaining individuality unlike no other. Available in a standard thickness of 4mm, with other thicknesses available on request, this is a product that can stand on its own and stand out when required.

everroll Active is a popular choice for contemporary commercial and retail spaces due to the broad palette of colour tones combined with its premium physical attributes. This flooring is available in rolls, tiles and planks.



everroll-shape-cover-image-350hx306weverroll Shape

The everroll Shape range represents uniformity in colour and design using the finest grade of post-consumer EPDM rubber granules that are selected to manufacture the most amazing floor coverings. Available in a standard 4mm thickness, with other thicknesses available on request, this product can easily be combined with any of our other colour combinations in the everroll collection.

everroll Shape is ideal for creating floor inlays such as logos, corporate branding elements, patterns, lettering or route markers. This stunning floor covering is available in the form of rolls, tiles or planks.



everroll-diamont-cover-image-350hx306weverroll Diamont

everroll Diamont is a very exciting new range in the everroll collection. This stunning new flooring is embedded with diamond-like particles that literally sparkle in both natural and artificial light. Two colours are available in the Diamont range. 

In addition to its eye-catching shimmering effect, this flooring is robust and durable, making it ideal for commercial, retail and entertainment spaces. This impressive flooring is available in rolls, tiles and planks in a thickness of 4mm. 




everroll-star-cover-image-with-labelseverroll Star

everroll Star is a available at the special price of $24 per sqm. This price is only available while stocks last. This 4mm flooring is available in rolls and is ideal for gymnasiums and commercial spaces.  Please enquire about this product before stock runs out.  





EVERROLL Technical Details

Thickness: 4-12mm

Roll width: 1.25m

Tiles: 600 x 600mm

Planks: 1200 x 300mm

Thickness: 4-12mm

Material Composition: Recycled rubber, synthetic EPDM rubber, polyurethane