Martial Arts, Sports and Gymnastics Mats


Specially Designed Mats wrestling

ABS West supplies high quality sports mats specially designed for a range of sports such as gymnastics, wrestling, martial arts, school sports or professional sports.

Meeting the needs of athletes and sports associations 

The mats have been designed by RegupolĀ® in conjunction with athletes, athletic equipment manufacturers and sports associations. 


The mats are available in a variety of strengths, thicknesses, surface materials and textures, making them adaptable to the requirements of each type of sport. RegupolĀ® mats have been deployed worldwide in sporting institutions for decades due to the high quality material used and first class workmanship.


Regupol mats are made from a bonded foam core. They feature a wattle backing - designed to enhance anti-slip characteristics and abrasion values which remove the need to use joining tape or Velcro.





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