Regupol Vegetation Control Mats

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No herbicides and no mowing

vegetation-control-mattingimage-vegetation-control-matting-brochure-2Vegetation control mats are designed specifically to inhibit the growth of grass, weeds and plants in areas that are difficult to access or maintain.  Locations where overgrown vegetation becomes especially problematic include railways, airports, major road systems and fence lines.  The eradication of vegetation in these locations is often a safety matter. Signs, lights and signal boxes become ineffective when obscured by overgrown vegetation, and fail to perform their role in maintaining transport safety.  Accessing areas near runways, high speed roads and railways, in order to manually remove overgrowth, can place maintenance personnel in danger.

Likewise, if fence lines become overgrown, maintenance becomes problematic as vegetation becomes entwined in the structure. In the case of high security areas such as embassies, barracks and prisons, overgrown fence lines can hamper surveillance of secure boundaries.

The mats can also be used for domestic or commercial landscaping purposes to reduce the overall maintenance workload. Using growth inhibiting mats bypasses the need for environmentally damaging herbicides.

How the mats work

growth-inhibiting-mats-reupol-around-fencelineThe mats work very effectively as they prevent UV light from penetrating the soil, so that vegetation cannot grow.  Being water permeable however, allows rain to reach the soil, which preserves the microbial soil life and prevents erosion.

The weight of the mats means that they lie safely in position and the material composition of the mats means they will not perish.



airports-vegetation-control-matting-350hx206wAIRPORTS:  Navigation lights, signs and fences at airports MUST be kept clear of unwanted vegetation; otherwise they lose their purpose and fail to maintain safety. 

growth-inhibiting-mat-beneath-airport-signregupol-vegetation-control-mats-alonside-airport-fencelineGrowth inhibiting mats play an important role in controlling unwanted vegetation at critical sites in airports.

Effective use of matting makes it easier for maintenance personnel to monitor sites from their vehicles.



RAILWAYS: Vegetation control matting performs 2 important functions within the context of railway systems:

vegetation-control-matting-railway-21. As a non-slip surface for service paths and work surfaces along high-speed tracks, or any other areas where anti-slip properties are crucial.

2. As a means of inhibiting vegetation growth around signalling systems, lights, points and high speed tracks. Accessing these areas when trains are passing frequently, poses logistical problems, as well as threats to safety.


fence-lines-vegetation-control-matting-350hx206wFENCE LINES: Mowing around fence lines is time consuming and laborious. Fences form an ideal structure around which unwanted vines and creepers can thrive.

vegetation-control-mats-seal-around-fencePreventing vegetation growth along fence lines is straight forward with Regupol mats. Even when security reasons require the fencing to be anchored to the ground, a special joint filter can be used to seal the mat at the wire and the pillar. The most economical way of installing is to move the matting under the fences. The 'vegetation stop' is completed by perfect sealing along the seams. 

solar-fields-vegetation-control-matting-350hx206wvegetation-control-matting-solar-fieldSOLAR FIELDS: In solar fields, where rows of solar panels collect the sun's energy, it's vital that the vegetation does not grow tall enough to cast shadows and thereby reduce the panels' exposure to the sun's rays.

Placing mats beneath the collectors, and along fence lines, inhibits growth without sealing the ground. In situations where agricultural fields have been converted into solar fields, the issue of leaving the ground unsealed can be very important, especially where the landowner may wish to return the land back to agricultural use at some point in the future.


image-vegetation-control-matting-brochure-2Other possible uses

  • Private gardens
  • Plantations, garden centres
  • Buildings/premises needing protection, security-relevant areas e.g. airports, penitentiary centres
  • Barracks, industrial premises, embassies, etc.
  • Broadcasting systems
  • Verges of traffic routes
  • Building sites
  • Anywhere unwanted vegetation is found