Stair Nosings, Walkway & Ladder Rung Covers

Selecting the most appropriate stair nosing, ladder rung or walkway cover is a vital part of ensuring pedestrian safety in commercial, industrial and public areas. Serious injuries commonly occur in areas that lack adequate anti-slip coverings. When selecting a safety product, it's important to understand that not all pedestrian safety products are made equal. Ultimately, selecting ineffectual covers and nosings leads to ongoing product replacement and thus, increased costs. ABS West supplies both industrial and architectural products. You can also find information about Safety Step products at the following website:

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ABS West supplies Safety Step stair nosings, ladder rung and walkway covers which last for up to 10 years or more and retain high anti-slip and safety performance year after year. Fitting the right product for the job saves accidents and money. Safety Step is now regarded as the "go-to-brand" by many major companies and is the leading product for reliability within industries such as mining, oil & gas, marine, heavy industry, transportation and areas with extreme temperatures.

Safety Step industrial anti-slip stair nosings are designed to be fitted easily over the front edge of most stair types. They are tough, extremely durable, high traction products that will prevent slippage even under the most harsh conditions or the heaviest soiling. Importantly, the contrasting colour of anti-slip stair nosings defines the edge of each stair tread preventing over-stepping and fall accidents. Most stair accidents occur as a result of the foot slipping at the edge of a step. This is especially the case when the leading edge of the metal, wood or concrete step surface becomes worn and the edge rounded. Water, ice, dust, dirt, grease or oil on the stairs further accentuates the problem, making for a particularly dangerous condition. 

Anti-Slip Stair Covers (nosings), ladder and walkway covers are designed to transform danger zones into safe, high traction, well contrasted areas under all conditions. These products are pre-finished, ready to install covers constructed from extremely robust composite fibre reinforced plastic (FRP). ABS West's Safety Step anti-slip products can be installed very easily to most existing surfaces. 

Prevent slip and fall accidents to avoid injury or fatality.

  • Enhance visibility with very bright, long lasting glow in the dark strips for low or no light situations.
  • Provide protection to stairs by preventing damage and wear on the leading edge of your treads.
  • Provide code required luminance contrast.




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